Hearing Screening

If you suspect you may be suffering from hearing loss, the first step is to schedule a hearing screening with a qualified hearing instrument specialist in your area. A hearing screening may cause feelings of anxiety or nervousness, but rest assured the exams performed by the professional will be noninvasive and pain-free. So what should you expect when it comes to a hearing screening?

Gathering Background Information

The first step to a hearing screening is to provide the hearing instrument specialist with a list of your symptoms and any particular words or sounds you’re struggling to hear. The professional may also gather some comprehensive information about your medical background to find out what issues you’re facing and how they are impacting your day-to-day activities. Once this information has been collected, the hearing instrument specialist will conduct the hearing tests

The Hearing Screening

The hearing instrument specialist will conduct a hearing screening to determine if you have hearing loss and would benefit from the use of hearing aids. This will depend on your symptoms and what they’re looking for, but they should not cause any pain and are easy to get through. They generally involve wearing headphones and raising your hand or tapping a button when you hear a series of sounds and pitches. Hearing screenings should not take an extended amount of time and will provide the professional with important results to help gauge your hearing health.

Hearing Screening Results

The hearing instrument specialist will examine the results of your hearing screening to determine if hearing aids are the proper course of treatment for your issues. Your hearing professional will discuss what sounds you’re struggling to hear and how hearing aids can improve your listening experience. Hearing aids are the most common form of hearing loss treatment and provide wearers with the confidence and capability to hear the world around them again. Your hearing instrument specialist will walk you through all the hearing aid options available to you, from devices that work behind the ear to smaller ones worn in the ear canal.

Hearing screenings are simple and performed by a qualified hearing specialist and will provide you the peace of mind knowing whether or not you need to seek treatment. Schedule a hearing screening appointment with a hearing instrument specialist today.